Month: December 2017

How can Physiotherapy help me?

Many people lump Physiotherapy into the same category as less proven “alternative treatments” and it’s also confused with massage or chiropractic therapy.  But Physiotherapy is different and this is the story of a Physio patient, Susan, in her own words.

“It was the prospect of being forced to give up cooking that made me try Physiotherapy. My hands and wrists had ached ever since I’d binged on note taking by hand and on my computer at college.  My doctor gave me a blood test to rule out arthritis, but she had no idea what to do next. My husband, Andrew, had been urging me for years to try Physiotherapy, but I assumed I had the kind of permanent damage that nothing short of surgery could address. However, I knew that if my hands got much worse, I wouldn’t be able to cook—or make a living as a writer—so I finally made an appointment with a Physiotherapist.

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