Indian Head Massage

This ancient therapy has been practised by women in India for over a thousand years. The traditional massage only involved the head and hair, but in its Westernised form it has been developed to include the neck, shoulders, back and upper arms. This treatment has only recently started to gain popularity in the Western World but it is proving to be a valuable stress management experience.

The head neck and shoulders all hold tension and by massaging gently, firmly and rhythmically the tensions begin to simply float away. By stimulating the scalp it is possible to improve circulation, boost the immune system and generally create a feeling of well-being. Muscle tension is relaxed in the back neck and shoulders.

You can choose to have Indian Head Massage with or without oils. When oils are applied the client needs to remove their top, but if you prefer you can be treated through a thin layer of loose fitting clothing making this an ideal relaxing therapy for those who prefer not to undress.

The therapist works from behind the client, who can either sit in a specially designed massage chair or a normal chair. She uses a flowing sequence of movements working over the back, neck, arms, head and face. If you would prefer her not to treat your head or face please inform the therapist – it may leave you a little tousled!

Indian Head Massage can help with:
• General relaxation of muscles
• Release of toxins
• Stimulation of lymph flow
• Reduction of stiffness in neck and shoulders
• Relief of pain
• Relief of tension headaches
• Improvement of sleep quality
• Improvement of circulation
• Elevation of mood
• Increased energy levels
• Reduction in stress levels
• Promotes healthy scalp and hair
• A feeling of calm and relaxation