Andrea Gledhill BSc (hons) has been with the clinic since April 2005. She qualified with a 2.1 degree in Podiatry from the University of Huddersfield and has since worked for the University, in the NHS and in the Private Sector. In addition to working at Physio and Therapies Andrea is also currently working part time for the Pennine Acute Trust at Rochdale Infirmary as a Specialist in Biomechanics within the Podiatric Surgery department.

Andrea is actively involved in continuous professional development and post graduate study; she has completed an advanced certificate in local anaesthesia and a 30 hour radiology course enabling her to interpret x-rays. She is currently undertaking her post graduate certificate in Podiatric Theory; her first step to becoming a Podiatric Surgeon which is her long term ambition.

Andrea is highly competent in all areas of chiropody and podiatry, particularly the biomechanical side utilising her knowledge and experience to treat and prevent foot, knee and upper body problems that are associated with foot posture; using strapping techniques, physical therapies, insoles and orthotics.Areas of chiropody such as corns and callus are generally indicators of high pressure areas and/or biomechanical problems and Andrea prides herself in her patients knowing why they have such problems, all the possible causes of them and what options there are to attempt to solve these problems.

Dercums disease
Adiposis dolorosa, also known as Dercum’s disease or Anders disease, is a rare condition characterized by generalized obesity and fatty tumors in the adipose tissue. The tumors are normally painful and found in multiples on the extremities. The cause and mechanism of Dercum’s disease remains unknown. Here is a case study for you to read.