Musculo-Skeletal & Specialist Pelvic Health Physiotherapist

Katy Winters (she/her)

BSc (hons) Physiotherapy MCSP, CSP.

Katy Qualified from Nottingham University in 2000 and completed her junior training at North Manchester General Hospital. She then specialised in Pelvic Health and left the NHS in 2006 to work in the Private sector, practicing at Physio & Therapies and The Yorkshire Clinic to date.
She has completed postgraduate training in the treatment of Prolapse and stress incontinence and the fitting of vaginal support pessaries. She has also completed a certification in ‘management of the 3rd Age woman’ and works closely with local GP’s to try and improve provision for women
going through the menopause.
In addition to pelvic floor rehabilitation specifically in the postnatal and menopausal client, she is passionate about delivering a high quality ‘whole-body, functional approach’, helping people stay active, strong and confident.
Katy is active in delivering educational sessions in her community and has delivered a number of talks at the Town Hall in Hebden bridge, and the Yorkshire clinic for both the general public and to GP’s.
She is peri-menopausal mum of 3, and is happiest on top of a mountain, walking through the woods with her children and dog, or jumping into a lake!