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Are we setting up our teenagers for a future of back problems?

As the mother of a teenager, the prevalence of musculo-skeletal problems in teens is interesting to me and recently I’ve seen many more high school children presenting at my practice complaining of back pain, neck ache and headaches.  With the new term starting soon I decided to analyse the research and prevalence of problems and try to offer some solutions.

Looking back one of the first articles I wrote for Todmorden News in 2008 was about the weight of school bags and how this affected children’s backs. Research carried out by Helen Behrens, a nurse and lecturer, had shown that 30% of children carried schoolbags weighing over 10% of their bodyweight. She reported that this placed unnecessary stress on the growing adolescent spine that, later in life, could be the cause of back pain.  I believe that this is still a significant problem – neither of our local high schools have lockers for the students to use meaning that children carry heavy loads not only to and from school but throughout the school day including all their books for each day plus any PE kit, instruments for music lessons and ingredients for food technology.

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I’m too busy to exercise!

We all lead hectic and busy lifestyles; working long hours, family commitments, chores (or what I like to refer to as ‘adulting’), as well as  the need to maintain a social life. Sound familiar? You’re not alone… these are all common barriers to exercise that lead us to convince ourselves that we are “too busy” for exercise, something which I have also been guilty of. The reality is, however, that we are not too busy, we just don’t prioritise it as highly as other events in our diary. We all make time for things that we really want to do, right? So here are some tips to help overcome these barriers:

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How can I get Tennis elbow when I’ve never played tennis?

As I shouted at my TV yesterday willing Andy Murray on at Wimbledon, it reminded me about the conundrum of Tennis Elbow.

XXX of ZZZZ plays a forehand in his/her first round match against XXXX of ZZZZZ during day two of the 2015 Australian Open at Melbourne Park on January 20, 2015 in Melbourne, Australia.


Tennis Elbow is officially caused by inflammation of the tendons on the outside of your elbow and is also called lateral epicondylitis.  It is classed as an overuse injury and occurs when you do repeated movements and it gets worse if you keep doing the activity that causes the pain.  It usually happens on your dominant side.  So it is easy to see why it happens in tennis players- as they grip the racquet and then use their arm the tendon that extends the wrist and elbow (called the common extensor tendon) gets inflamed causing pain, swelling and can even make a crunching noise called crepitus.

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Get Happy Feet for the Summer!


We all know the British summer is here when people start to shed items of clothing piece by piece and our feet come out of hibernation from our comfortable boots into the delights of the summer shoe wardrobe. So as you slip on your cool, airy flip flops and prepare for a balmy summer evening– here are some pointers to help you prevent one of the most painful and common foot conditions. It’s a problem that can affect people of any age, sex or shape with any activity level and it can stop you in your tracks and even affect your first step as you get out of bed in a morning, and if you’re really unlucky you can get it in both feet!

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‘To Sweat, Or Not to Sweat?’



Summer is coming! Do you suffer from excessive sweating particularly in the summer months?


220 million people suffer from excessive, uncontrollable sweating. That’s right. More than 3% of the global population are like you, looking for help.

It’s an uncontrollable, annoying, embarrassing, and isolating problem (to say the least). From the discomfort of sweat running down your sides, to the embarrassment of obvious sweat stains, to the fear of being “discovered,” uncontrollable underarm sweating can feel like it’s ruining your life.

Antiperspirants just don’t work! But Dr Sally can help!

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Baby overdue? Tried pineapples and curry? Why not try Reflexology next!


Reflexology is one of the safest and most supportive therapies for pregnant women. As an experienced reflexologist, with advanced techniques in maternity reflexology treatments and a passion for this specialised field, I have the honour of treating many women who suffer from some of the adverse effects of the physiological changes that pregnancy can bring.

Reflexology can be extremely beneficial for expectant, labouring or newly delivered women and for their babies; both to treat a variety of specific conditions and to aid relaxation and induce sleep. Regular sessions throughout pregnancy (after week 14) can help to alleviate symptoms by encouraging the body’s self-healing and self-regulating systems.

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New Skin, New You!

  Dr Sally also provides Skincare Products I believe in looking after your skin at any age. There are many factors to why it all goes wrong for skin and I provide skin care packages and the knowledge to address these factors. Whether that be for prevention, early intervention, renewal and anti-ageing, for sensitive skin, for Acne or Rosecea sufferers,…

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