Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy is holistic. It treats the individual as a whole. As a healing process it influences deeply held patterns: both physical and psychological that have accumulated throughout life and may have contributed to poor health.

It works with the patient’s whole body and its self regulating abilities. The effects are cumulative. It progresses deeper into the body’s systems to access and resolve the patterns that underlie poor health.

Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle yet profound therapy. It stimulates a subtle internal balancing of the whole system. This affects structure and function. It engages with bones and muscles, membranes and connective tissue, nerves, organs, vital fluids and the life force energies that permeate and drive the system.

The therapy is patient led. The patient is fully clothed. The practitioner tunes in and listens with her hands to the body’s subtle internal rhythms. It uses the movement of cerebral spinal fluid, a tidal wave like pattern, as a means of accessing and stimulating the body’s natural drive to repair and self heal.

Alongside cessation of negative symptoms patients report changes to do with state of mind, energy levels, and overall sense of well being.

Acute and chronic conditions can be helped by the therapy. It is suitable for those with difficult to treat and delicate conditions and is safe for both the very young, including newborns, and the elderly. It has a known track record for treating pregnancy, and new mothers and babies.

Our Craniosacral Therapist is Clare Blomeley.


 Following government guidelines regarding the opening up of certain business sectors, we are now able to conduct face to face appointments.

These will be subject to certain criteria that our governing body has put in place.

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