Kim Irwin

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Kim Irwin BSc RSHom

I am passionate about the empowerment of the self in all areas of life & believe wholeheartedly that it is only when we take personal responsibility for all aspects of being, that true change can & does occur.

​This belief was nurtured & expanded upon throughout my Sociology degree, time then saw me develop my interest in vegetarian wholefoods. We cannot expect to be healthy, with strong immune systems if the fuel we put inside ourselves is of a sub-standard quality & serves only to fill us up in the interim.

​For over 10 years I cheffed, catered & ran workshops teaching people how to cook using fresh ingredients.  Working within the framework of the co-operative & social enterprise model which best fits my belief system, I found that profound & lasting changes only happen when the person is supported & actively seeks change for themselves.

​In 2012 I volunteered on a yoga & meditation retreat in Greece where I was introduced to Homeopathy & the notion of the body healing itself. It was here that I saw first hand the benefits of using homeopathy for fast, safe & effective treatment during a fever.  I returned, & became ill with tonsillitis.  I took my chance to treat this myself & with a certain amount of good luck (as I didn’t know what I was doing) I gave myself a remedy & it cleared up quickly.

​Inspired & buoyed by my experience I promptly enrolled upon a professional course studying classical Homeopathy at The North West College in Manchester.

​Over the next 4 years all the strands of my life, past interests, knowledge & experience began to weave themselves together creating a map of health, an understanding of dis-ease & a comprehensive framework in which to live, to practice, indeed to make sense of the World around me.


Kim is now registered with Simply Health so may be covered by health insurance you use, please check with us.