Lynne Midwinter

Jane Samuels

I first visited Lynne for issues with joint pain and stability, and she suggested that her pilates classes would be useful to help build supporting strength around my joints. I opted to join her zoom classes, and have been enjoying pilates for about five months now. I’m absolutely loving it: Lynne is a fantastic teacher and her underlying anatomical knowledge means that she can explain exactly what we’re doing and why, which I really love. Over zoom, Lynne is great at checking we’re working safely and spotting when we need to correct what we’re doing, so it feels exactly like an in-person class. We only do what we’re able: Lynne shows several levels of each exercise and we’re encouraged to listen to our body’s limits, which makes for a really lovely environment with everyone doing what’s appropriate for them. It’s a fun group and we work hard and laugh often. Pilates has been a brilliant way to build my strength, and I’m feeling stronger, more mobile, and able to do the climbing and hiking I love than I have for years. When I do have joint pain and muscle spasms, It’s also offered me new approaches to stretching and moving that can help. I can’t recommend Pilates with Lynne, enough: it’s such a brilliant part of my week. x

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