Our team of Chartered Physiotherapists are all experienced practitioners.

We only accept Physiotherapists with a minimum of 5 years post graduate experience in their specialist field and ensure they regularly update their skills through training sessions and courses.  This means they are experts in giving you a detailed assessment which will identify the exact cause of your problem.  From this they can then plan your treatment to help you regain full health and give you the skills and knowledge to help prevent future problems.As experienced clinical specialists our team are able to recognise any symptoms that require further investigation.  At the end of your assessment we will, with your permission, write to your GP giving an analysis of your condition and detailing our treatment plan.  If we feel any investigations are necessary we will liaise with your GP or Consultant to arrange this.  At all times we will discuss our clinical findings with you so that you understand what the problem is and your treatment options.

the-spine-of-a-manWe have an excellent reputation for our friendliness, professionalism and high standard of clinical practice.  This is why many of our referrals are by word of mouth and personal recommendation.

We regularly meet with our other colleagues in the practice to ensure each patient has the balance of treatment that will help them achieve their goals as quickly as possible.

By working as part of such a diverse and experienced team at Physio & Therapies all our therapists are able to consider each patient holistically and advise them of the most appropriate treatment route.

What does my initial visit involve?
Your first visit to our Physiotherapists will usually take about one hour, although Neurological and incontinence assessments often take longer.  All consultations are carried out in one of our modern, well equipped, private rooms.  You are very welcome to bring someone with you.  Please advise our receptionists when booking if you are unable to manage stairs, as we have a ground floor Consulting room with full disabled access which they can book for you.  If you have copies of X-rays or scans please bring them to the Consultation with you – these will help us with your diagnosis and treatment.

At the beginning of your assessment the Physio will ask questions about how your problem began, where you get symptoms and what makes them better or worse.  They will also want to know about your general health and past medical history.  It is important that you tell us everything, as often things that you consider to be of little importance mean much more to us!  Following this we will carry out a thorough examination of the body area involved and look at your overall biomechanics as these often reveal causes for your symptoms.  If you are attending with a back problem we will need to see your spine, arms and legs so you may like to bring shorts to change into.

Following your assessment the Physiotherapist will fully explain to you the cause of your symptoms and will show you plastic models of joints, pictures of anatomy and even computer generated images to help explain your problem.  We firmly believe that information is power and will do our best to help you fully understand your condition, leaving you better equipped to deal with it.

Treatment options will be discussed with you after your assessment and throughout the course of treatment.  If we do not feel we are able to help you we will tell you and also make recommendations about who you could visit to seek more help and advice.  We work closely with a network of excellent surgeons in the North and will liaise with your GP to refer you on if necessary.

Your first visit will also include treatment and you will usually leave on the first day with some exercises.  It is important that you follow the advice given and do the exercises as prescribed.  Don’t worry – we will give you a personalised hand out to remind you!  If you need more sessions we will book them to suit you – we have Physio appointments available in the daytime, evening and at weekends.

We believe that prevention is better than cure and wherever possible you will be shown how to prevent recurrence of a problem and how to avoid further injury.  Infact, you can visit us for a Biomechancial check up even if you don’t have a current problem – it’s amazing how you can get into unconscious habits and faulty movement patterns which leave you predisposed to injuries.  We can spot these and devise a program of exercises to help you prevent injuries, perform better and live life to the full!