Ear Wax Microsuction

Recent changes within the NHS mean that GP’s are unable to remove ear wax and referrals to ENT services mean a long wait and heavy reliance on NHS services.

We can offer a local, quick, Covid safe service with a minimal waiting time. The treatment is usually completed within 30 minutes and does not require any preparation.

We use microsuction alongside an endoscope to visualize and safely remove earwax, dry skin and foreign bodies. This treatment is recommended by NICE guidelines. We can also use specialist instruments and a safe variation of traditional ear irrigation (syringing) as required.

Microsuction can be used even in the event of most previous ear conditions including grommets and long term perforated eardrums.

Excessive ear wax build up can cause symptoms such as reduced hearing, a “blocked” sensation, itching, discomfort or tinnitus. It can also cause hearing aids to whistle and work less effectively.

Darren Jones, our earwax removal specialist has a 30 year background in a healthcare setting. Darren has received recognised training from UK Audiology and is registered with the appropriate authorities. Indemnity and public liability insurances are in place.


Earwax removal is £75 which covers both ears. If we are unable to remove wax on the first visit, advice and follow up is included.

If you are unsure if you need earwax removal, we offer a visual inspection to check whether earwax is a problem for £25. If we proceed to removal this charge is included in the £75 earwax removal charge.

Evening and weekend appointments are available on request and home visits are available.