“There is a way of being which is lighter, which is freer, we can learn this way” (Dr.Milton Trager.M.D.)

Trager is an approach to rebalancing the body and mind, using movement and touch to bring selfawareness confidence ease of movement and inner calm.
Trager comprises two main elements, soft rhythmic movements on a comfortable massage table and self empowering awareness movements called Mentastics. Sessions last up to an hour and a half and can result in a deep sense of well-being and enlivened relaxation as body and mind adjust to a new sense of awareness. This non-invasive approach can make it helpful for many restrictive conditions as well as supportive for those involved in creative art music dance and sports.
After experiencing the releases and benefits of the session, the feelings can be recalled later by practising Mentastics yourself as a link between the Trager session and daily life.
The casual observer might wonder how such a gentle moves could have such powerful effects; on posture, on aches and pains, on general well-being and awareness. To appreciate the benefits it really needs to be experienced.

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Chris Halliday

Trager & Sports Massage Therapist