Online Assessments

Moving with the times the team at Physio & Therapies are now offering Physio assessments via Zoom or FaceTime …

I know I was skeptical about how much help I could be remotely, however after starting last week I’m delighted to tell you that my detective like questioning and observation skills mean that I can diagnose and assess really well online and then give you heaps of advice and exercises!

The great news is that whether you’re local, live miles away or even live abroad you can now access a Physio assessment with me AND it’s covered by the BUPA for the duration of the Covid 19 situation!  How cool is that!

One of my patients last week, Dan, sent me this to share with you …

“On Wednesday, March 25th I had a consultation by video link with Lynne at Physio & Therapies, as part of ongoing treatment for a frozen shoulder. The whole experience was great from start to finish. We used Zoom to communicate, and setup was very simple. During the call the audio and video were both very clear. I could show very easily through the video link how my shoulder is moving now following exercises I have been doing, and we went on to discuss and demonstrate further exercises for me to carry out and progress my treatment. It’s much more than just a phone call, it’s certainly working for me to move my treatment along. I would wholeheartedly recommend this setup for others undergoing similar treatment to me while the situation in the country remains as it is”

So why not take Dan’s advice and call us on 01706 819464 or email – we will have a 5-minute chat for free to check a remote consultation is right for you and then book an appointment time to suit you!

Why not make your time in isolation the time you dealt with all those aches and pains you’ve been ignoring!