Client Testimonials

Testimonials from some of our clients:

"It is no exaggeration to say that as a direct result of Lynne's (Midwinter) considerable expertise, my life has changed for the better. I had been unable to stand up straight without pain and discomfort for well over 10 years. In my first assessment with Lynne, she discovered straightaway that amongst other problems, the left side of my Pelvis had become misaligned. Now only 3 sessions later, I can stand up straight once again and without any discomfort. I sleep better today with my back more relaxed than it has been for decades. I cannot thank Lynne enough and would recommend her without reservation. As an ex sportsman and outward bounds leader, I have seen many Physiotherapists over the years. Lynne is by far the best and by a long way. AND she really cares for her patients."

—Testimonial from Andrew Clitherow

I have suffered from Migraines since I was a child, however, in 2012/2013 I started to experience a significant increase in Migraines and headaches. In the past I have tried various forms of medication specifically targeted to reduce and/or prevent the onset of a Migraine, which has either worked to a degree for a short period of time and/or whose side effects left me very debilitated. After consultation with a neurologist, I opted against changing medication yet again and I decided to pursue a different path. (more…)

—Anne-Marie Sidaway

I'd been suffering from migraines since I was a teenager and went to see Lynne on the off chance that physio might help. My migraines have almost stopped and are much less intense. I wish I had tried physio years ago!

—David Gelsthorpe