When combined with essential oils in HOLISTIC AROMATHERAPY TREATMENT, the benefits of holistic massage are multiplied many times over.

Essential oils – distilled from fresh plant material – have the capacity to stimulate the body’s own healing mechanisms as well as having specific therapeutic properties unique to each plant.

For thousands of years plant substances have been used to heal and nurture both the body and the mind. Today, in our increasingly hectic lives, the holistic use of essential oils combined with therapeutic massage can play a part in alleviating a wide range of physical and emotional problems and is an excellent way of reducing stress, thus promoting and maintaining health and well being and enhancing our lives.

Taking an individual’s overall health into consideration, a skilled Aromatherapist will be able to select an oil or blend of oils uniquely appropriate to their needs at the point in time of their treatment.

We adopt a holistic approach to aromatherapy: taking into account such aspects as the overall health and well-being as well as the physical picture, we create blends of essential oils and base oils specifically tailored to each individual treatment

The selected oils will be used in a massage treatment, which may be entirely relaxing or may also address specific musculoskeletal problems using sports massage techniques if this is needed.

Read what some people have said down the years:
“The smell of BASIL … taketh away sorrowfulness and maketh a man merry and glad.”
John Gerard, 16th Century.

“NEROLI oil reaches down into the soul to stabilise and regenerate. It provides relief and strength for long standing psychological tension, exhaustion, and seemingly hopeless situations.”
S. Fischer-Rizzi, 1990.

“Whether mentally exhausted from overwork, or out of touch with our body and its need, VETIVERT sedates and restores us – centres and reconnects us – closing the gap between spirit and matter.”
G. Mojay, 1996.

“ROSE – to simply smell it will refine our sensitivity, take us into an unknown world, and disperse the shadows of our worries and anxieties.”
P. Mailhebiau, 1995.

Our aromatherapist is Carole Chambers