Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing clears and balances your body. I work intuitively by aligning healing intent to the core of your being. This invites you to invoke our own natural body healing and works whether you believe in it or not.

Healing through the human energy field or aura re-aligns any disruptions in energy flow caused by trauma – structural, emotional, mental or spiritual; limiting beliefs and disease to invite the body’s own healing systems to bring health.

During the treatment you will lie on a healing table, fully clothed in a warm, tranquil, light-filled space.

The healer will place hands on your body and channel energy into you to release blocked energy, charge every single cell in your body with positive energy; restructure, repair, rebalance and strengthen your aura. You will be protected and have your body strengthened from outside stressors.

My type of spiritual healing can feel much more intense and powerful than gentle, calming Reiki, so is better for more acute traumas and diseases. where a faster healing response is needed. Also, it is better for those who are used to Reiki and ready for a power increase and deeper treatment.

Afterwards you may find changes going on in your body for up to a week and need more rest and life-affirming food and water to fully integrate the beneficial changes into your body.

You will notice a significant improvement after just a single session but several treatments can enhance your personal transformation so much more.