Psychosynthesis is an approach to therapy that includes the spiritual, the psychological and the physical aspects of us. We all have a vast potential for personal growth – a natural tendency to synthesise all aspects of our being to become the fullest realisation of ourselves. Psychosynthesis is a conscious attempt to cooperate with this natural process of personal development in order to foster awareness, self-healing, and a greater connection to the ever-changing nature of human life.

On the face of it, Psychosynthesis can be like many other talking therapies, where we talk about our past and current difficulties, as well as our future challenges, however, there is also scope to explore the non-verbal forms of communication, which often contain deeper wisdom than our minds sometime allow. These are stored in our unconscious and can be accessed through visualisation, meditation, movement, feelings, drawings, journaling, music, dreams, intuitions, etc.

Life Coaching

Life Coaching is a form of personal development that supports us in realising our purpose and goals in life. It seeks to bridge the gap between ‘where I am now’ and ‘where I want to be’, overcoming the hurdles of direction, motivation/energy and confidence/self-belief.

Happiness is a choice, and yet we often remain stuck in old patterns and habits, fearing change, pretending to others and ourselves that we are content, when deep within us we long to live a different life, one filled with laughter, playfulness and happiness. If this describes you, then Life Coaching could help.

Our Counsellor is Steve Axell