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Why do my knees ache downhill?

commongrunninginjuriesknee-painQ) I have recently started getting a sudden pain in the front of my knee just below my knee cap when walking the kids to school and when I go for a run a couple of times a week. The pain happens when I walk or run down hills and I find I am going down the stairs like my Gran, one step at a time because the pain can be so bad. My friends have said it is my ligaments or my cartilage and the GP said that it’s probably ‘wear and tear’, to take Ibuprofen and to lose some weight. I have already lost a stone but the pain is getting worse and the Ibuprofen doesn’t help. What can I do? I don’t want to end up like my mum who can’t walk far without constant pain in her joints.

A) Pain in our joints that occurs while we are moving is usually caused by a mechanical problem within the joint. Most problems occur because the joint is not staying in its’ proper alignment so things catch or rub causing pain and/or inflammation.

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Maternity reflexology with Lucy Wilson

Mother massaging her child's foot

Reflexology is one of the safest and most supportive therapies for pregnant women. Lucy Wilson is an experienced Reflexologist, with advanced techniques in maternity reflexology treatments and a passion for this specialised field.  She has had the honour to treat many women who suffer from some of the adverse effects of the physiological changes that pregnancy can bring.

Reflexology can be extremely beneficial for expectant, labouring or newly delivered women and for their babies; both to treat a variety of specific conditions and to aid relaxation and induce sleep. Regular sessions throughout pregnancy (after Week 14) can help to alleviate symptoms by encouraging the body’s self-healing and self-regulating systems.

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Easy exercise for a healthy heart and more ……..


Taking regular exercise and following a balanced diet can have enormous benefits for your overall health, now and in the future and being more physically active can be easy and inexpensive.

Being active isn’t easy for everyone, many people have injuries or  conditions that stop them from exercising easily while others simply struggle to find the time, energy or motivation. Whatever your circumstances, here is some simple Physiotherapy advice about how to build easy, effective exercise into your daily routine, how to get started and how to improve your health in a way that’s right for you.

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Emotional and Physical healing

Acupuncture is part of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) system and has over 3000 years history in clinical experiences, it has its own profound framework and offers a range of unique therapies of which acupuncture is one and Chinese herbal medicine is another.

According to the TCM theory and especially the treatment of acupuncture, it is believed the human body is an organic whole interconnected through “12 regular meridians which belong to the Zang-fu organs internally and connect to the extremities and joints externally”

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How can I get Tennis elbow when I’ve never played tennis?

Heather Watson during day two of the 2015 Australian Open at Melbourne Park on January 20, 2015 in Melbourne, Australia.
Heather Watson during day two of the 2015 Australian Open at Melbourne Park on January 20, 2015 in Melbourne, Australia.

As I shouted at my TV on Friday willing Heather Watson on at Wimbledon, it reminded me about the conundrum of Tennis Elbow.

Tennis Elbow is officially caused by inflammation of the tendons on the outside of your elbow and is also called lateral epicondylitis.  It is classed as an overuse injury and occurs when you do repeated movements and it gets worse if you keep doing the activity that causes the pain.  It usually happens on your dominant side.  So it is easy to see why it happens in tennis players- as they grip the racquet and then use their arm the tendon that extends the wrist and elbow (called the common extensor tendon) gets inflamed causing pain, swelling and can even make a crunching noise called crepitus.

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Put your back into choosing a bed

Renting a cottage over the Bank Holiday weekend with my family made me think about beds and what to look for in a comfortable bed and pillow.

Did you know that it’s been proved that an old bed can rob you of up to an hour’s sleep a night? And if you compare sleep on a new bed versus an old bed the sleep quality is better – that is, less disturbed and more recuperative sleep – with three times fewer physical movements and two times fewer micro-awakenings being recorded.

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Time for seasonal enhancer

As our little ones are now settled back into the school routine we feel we can finally recover from the (albeit wonderful) assault that is the summer holidays.

Have you ever noticed that just when you start getting back into a school-time routine, lo and behold, the kids start coming home with snotty noses, coughs and colds, or stomach bugs.

Then, before you know it, you’re coming down with it too! It’s little surprise that this happens though when you consider that we take our children back to school at a pivotal time of year; the autumn equinox. You may not be aware, but changes in season places an extra stress upon our bodies known as adaptive stress. This is at it’s most marked at the autumn equinox when we’re forced to adapt to changes in temperature and weather as well as an obvious reduction in our exposure to sunlight.

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