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Physio & Therapies Pilates Classes Todmorden I would certainly recommend these. I was originally sceptical about the value of Pilates for males, but now realise after much coaxing from my wife that I was greatly mistaken. The exercises really do enhance physical mobility and well-being and help with rehabilitation.  Apart from that the physiotherapy services on offer at the practice…

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Paul Owen

After a period of intense back pain caused due to muscle spasm, the underlying cause of which was diagnosed as being weak core muscles caused by lack of exercise, poor posture and long hours working at a desk. After the initial spasm I could walk and drive only short distances before I was in significant pain. I was recommended to start Pilates to build up my core strength and Lynne was running a class in my office at the time and so I signed up.
In addition to the weekly Pilates session, I had physio on my back by Lynne. She also recommended daily, focussed strength based exercises to do. Lynne was realistic about the time it would take to get me back to ‘normal’, along with the expected effort I would need to put in, and her prediction was accurate.
The difference from where I was to where I am now has been life changing and I am back to good health again, but now mindful of the requirement to look after my core, take regular exercise and keep up with my Pilates routines. Through these techniques I’m also able to identify when I have overdone things and need to rebalance my life to better include the exercises that I have been taught. And it works.
My back feels so much stronger and currently have no pain at all. I am still doing my ‘routine’ exercises most days as I haven’t forgotten about the importance of those. I can’t thank Lynne enough for getting me to where I am. She has extremely detailed knowledge around back issues and has the skills and techniques to help. I am so very grateful for all the help and support she has given me. Thanks Lynne!

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Jane Samuels

I first visited Lynne for issues with joint pain and stability, and she suggested that her pilates classes would be useful to help build supporting strength around my joints. I opted to join her zoom classes, and have been enjoying pilates for about five months now. I’m absolutely loving it: Lynne is a fantastic teacher and her underlying anatomical knowledge means that she can explain exactly what we’re doing and why, which I really love. Over zoom, Lynne is great at checking we’re working safely and spotting when we need to correct what we’re doing, so it feels exactly like an in-person class. We only do what we’re able: Lynne shows several levels of each exercise and we’re encouraged to listen to our body’s limits, which makes for a really lovely environment with everyone doing what’s appropriate for them. It’s a fun group and we work hard and laugh often. Pilates has been a brilliant way to build my strength, and I’m feeling stronger, more mobile, and able to do the climbing and hiking I love than I have for years. When I do have joint pain and muscle spasms, It’s also offered me new approaches to stretching and moving that can help. I can’t recommend Pilates with Lynne, enough: it’s such a brilliant part of my week. x

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“I had three hypno sessions with Neil to help me deal with stage fright about playing the piano. Those sessions were one of the best experiences I’ve had in my life. I went into a world inside my head that was truly beautiful and where I was in control. I was able to offload guilt I’d been feeling for years and to increase my confidence in preparation for my grade 3 piano exam. I passed my exam but I gained so much more in terms of exploring my inner life and revealing a reserve of love, strength and imagination that I didn’t know I had. More than just a therapy, it’s a life experience you shouldn’t miss.”

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Margaret Whiteley

For over 4 years I suffered debilitating pain and problems walking because my knees were affected by osteoarthritis. Earlier this year, I was recovering from a second total knee replacement operation, when sudden severe back pain prevented me standing up.

A nurse recommended physiotherapy so I contacted Physio & Therapies, resulting in a home visit from Lynne Midwinter. After she manipulated my pelvis, prodded some muscles (this is definitely the non-scientific version) and generally straightened me out, I immediately felt relief from the pain.

A couple more sessions at the practice have ensured I can now walk without pain, and am following an exercise regime which was clearly explained and demonstrated. It is no exaggeration to say I feel a new woman, gaining confidence that I will be able to walk normally again. I’m looking forward to walking up to those moors that I’ve missed for 4 years.

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Lynne Thornton

I had knee surgery which was successful. The implant was correctly placed and I should have recovered without problems. I did not. I had severe pain and I could not walk without crutches for months. I was seeing the hospital Physiotherapist regularly and she did not see any problems.

I saw my surgeon and he thought I was fine and told me to come back in a year. I continued to have a bent knee and it was impossible for me to do any normal activities. I just could not walk at all. I could not get into the shower. I could not even make a cup of tea! I was in constant pain and thoroughly depressed.

I saw Kerensa at Physio & Therapies. She worked very hard and did manage to get some movement during the sessions, but by the next day it  returned to a bent position.

She expressed concern that things were not as they should be, I asked to see my surgeon and was told I would have to wait 6 weeks. (This was private medical care, not our overworked NHS)

In despair I went to another surgeon for a second opinion. He immediately agreed with Kerensa and diagnosed that I had an adhesion. He said that my leg was completely stuck and deformed and I would never be able to walk with it like that. He performed a manipulation under anaesthetic. Instantly I could put weight on that leg and I could attempt to walk. (On crutches) The pain I had endured for months diminished

Months of attempting to walk on a bent knee had taken their toll and I then needed intensive Physiotherapy to get the leg to remain straight. Kerensa worked very hard to achieve this and . gradually we got there.

I assumed that once this was done I would become normal but 7 months of walking bent on crutches had had an effect.. Kerensa had to teach me to balance again and retrain my muscles all over my body to work effectively. It has been a long slow process. A year after surgery I have an almost normal life.

The whole thing has been a nightmare. The physical effects and the pain was dreadful but there were psychological side effects too, suddenly becoming disabled and imprisoned in my own home was terrifying. Throughout all this Kerensa has supported me and given me confidence by constantly telling me that I would get well. I am extremely grateful.

Without her support I would have believed my surgeon and the hospital Physiotherapist and I am convinced I would have given up all hope of ever getting back to normal again and would have been in a wheelchair.

Throughout all this the reception staff have noted my progress and constantly offered words of support and encouragement.I would recommend Physio and Therapies to anyone who experiences similar problems.

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Julie Kenyon

Julie Kenyon

Can’t recommend Lynn enough! After suffering with headaches for quite sometime, Lynn showed me how my posture can affect my head. After physio from Lynn, plus exercises at home, my headaches have improved significantly. Thanks Lynn!

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Penny Aldred

I am delighted with the change in my mobility after three appointments with Lynne. I contacted Physio & Therapies when getting to the bus stop had become a slow and painful walk. Now I am back to enjoying long pain free walks along the canal and also up the steep valley sides. It is several months since I have had this level of mobility. Penny

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Diane Pascoe

Just over a month ago myself and my partner were due to leave England and go on a road trip to Corfu. Unfortunatley whilst cleaning the toilet of all things I put my back out. So much pain, I had to resort to walking / hobling with my stick.

The GP, as usual, just gave me painkillers and sent me away. I’d had enough so I asked my partner if he would make me an appointment with the Physio in town. By this point i would try anything. I must say when he came home from making me an appointment he told me what they had said. The receptionist Pam had said ” Its ok bring her down, Lynne likes a challenge.” Usually I get nervous of going to new places, meeting new people but on hearing about how nice and understanding Pam was I felt comfortable about going.

I have sufferd for years with my back and also my knees. I have Fibromyalgia as well as a few other things going on.

For years I have seen so many Drs, Specialists and Consultants, Physiotherapists even water therapy but in the end the results were always the same.

Thats it, cant do anymore for you, go away, keep taking the tablets.

After my first appointment with Lynn I knew I had found my Miracle worker. I must say she made me feel relaxed and comfortable, she also filled me with confidence that with the excerises she gave me and a few more visits I would be able to go away.

It’s now just over a month since i started seeing Lynn and now Im ready to set off on our road trip.

See miracles do happen.

I have already refered Lynne to some of my friends and I will continue to do so. Thank you again to Lynne and all the staff at Physio & Therapies

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