Margaret Whiteley

For over 4 years I suffered debilitating pain and problems walking because my knees were affected by osteoarthritis. Earlier this year, I was recovering from a second total knee replacement operation, when sudden severe back pain prevented me standing up.

A nurse recommended physiotherapy so I contacted Physio & Therapies, resulting in a home visit from Lynne Midwinter. After she manipulated my pelvis, prodded some muscles (this is definitely the non-scientific version) and generally straightened me out, I immediately felt relief from the pain.

A couple more sessions at the practice have ensured I can now walk without pain, and am following an exercise regime which was clearly explained and demonstrated. It is no exaggeration to say I feel a new woman, gaining confidence that I will be able to walk normally again. I’m looking forward to walking up to those moors that I’ve missed for 4 years.