Diane Pascoe

Just over a month ago myself and my partner were due to leave England and go on a road trip to Corfu. Unfortunatley whilst cleaning the toilet of all things I put my back out. So much pain, I had to resort to walking / hobling with my stick.

The GP, as usual, just gave me painkillers and sent me away. I’d had enough so I asked my partner if he would make me an appointment with the Physio in town. By this point i would try anything. I must say when he came home from making me an appointment he told me what they had said. The receptionist Pam had said ” Its ok bring her down, Lynne likes a challenge.” Usually I get nervous of going to new places, meeting new people but on hearing about how nice and understanding Pam was I felt comfortable about going.

I have sufferd for years with my back and also my knees. I have Fibromyalgia as well as a few other things going on.

For years I have seen so many Drs, Specialists and Consultants, Physiotherapists even water therapy but in the end the results were always the same.

Thats it, cant do anymore for you, go away, keep taking the tablets.

After my first appointment with Lynn I knew I had found my Miracle worker. I must say she made me feel relaxed and comfortable, she also filled me with confidence that with the excerises she gave me and a few more visits I would be able to go away.

It’s now just over a month since i started seeing Lynn and now Im ready to set off on our road trip.

See miracles do happen.

I have already refered Lynne to some of my friends and I will continue to do so. Thank you again to Lynne and all the staff at Physio & Therapies.

From, Diane Pascoe.. Todmorden..