Naturopathic Nutrition Therapist

I’ve recently been invited to work at Physio and Therapies and I have to say it’s exciting to be seeing patients face to face again, after running my clinic predominantly online for the past few years.

I’m Lorraine and I’ll be working here in my role as Naturopathic Nutrition Therapist, Homeopath and qualified Teacher.

I love working with people to get their health on track with nutrition.  It really is the foundation to all health and by uncovering any deficiencies and using dietary protocols, supplements and functional testing to identify underlying conditions.  I teach my clients how to nourish their bodies at a cellular level to address many of the conditions that they are suffering.  On average 80% of symptoms are from diet and lifestyle choices so changes are often very powerful .

I specialise in female hormonal health predominantly peri-menopause and I run a group course called Wild Body Wild Soul, which is a face to face group program where I will guide you week by week to support yourself through perimenopause and beyond.  I also see clients who have other health conditions or who want to give themselves a health MOT and overhaul to maintain the best health possible.

To help my clients and anyone else who wants a more hands on approach to their nutrition education I run lunch and learn sessions monthly, where you can join me while I make your lunch with others who are also interested in learning more about how food can be used as medicine in the most delicious way ever!

I run monthly Plant based reset cleanses where I make all of your food and deliver daily to your doorstep for 5 days, the results are always great and give my clients the opportunity to feel really good in just a few days. They will often come to see me as a private patient to really get their health and habits back on track.

I facilitate popular healing retreats, courses and workshops in the North of England predominantly in Todmorden and Yorkshire where I am based.