Podiatrist and Reflexologist

I have lived in the Upper Calder Valley for over 40 years, I have 4 children all now over 17 and previously fitted my work and training in around school hours. I have a strong 20 year background in holistic therapy, special educational needs education, bereavement counselling and art facilitation.
I began my Podiatry training at Huddersfield University in 2020, Covid 19 had its grip on the world and as a degree student, I had to begin my podiatry training online. Two days a week I became a frontline worker with full PPI working hands-on with podiatry patients at the University of Huddersfield Foot Clinic. My second and third years were spent training in pharmacology, skin viability, wound care, rheumatoid arthritis, orthotics, gait analysis and the diabetic foot patient with plenty of clinical hours developing my general podiatric skills.
I chose to specialise in podiatry, to make a profound difference in people’s lives, allowing them to walk comfortably, run without pain, and regain the freedom to pursue their passions.
In my spare time, I keep an allotment, cycle and wild water swim. I love travelling and working abroad, I’ve recently been part of a team researching turtles in Kefalonia Greece.
I am beyond excited about my new career with Physio & Therapies and looking forward very much to providing exceptional care to our patients.