Earwax removal Specialist
Brief info

Darren Jones, our earwax removal specialist has a 30 year Nursing career, mostly in Accident and Emergency Departments and working as a specialist Emergency Nurse Practitioner for the past 11 years.

Hi I’m Darren and I am the earwax practitioner at Physio & Therapies in Todmorden.

I have been practicing wax removal since 2021 after becoming aware of the problems excessive wax can cause and how difficult it is to access treatment.
My Dad lives in the Scottish borders . During COVID lockdown he was experiencing increasing difficulty talking on the phone, as he couldn’t hear the conversation and became more reluctant to use it. He was unable to access wax removal from his GP.

After the first lockdown, he eventually decided to access a private earwax remover locally to him and after a very quick appointment, his earwax was removed and his hearing dramatically improved. He was particularly impressed that he was able to see pictures of his blocked ear canal both before and after the treatment to show the difference. Now any reduced hearing that he has seems to be pretty much selective when he requires it!! He felt it was money very well spent and suggested that with my healthcare background, maybe it was something that I might look into.

I now offer a service inspecting the ear canal using a video otoscope, which the patient can see and then earwax removal as required. I can use any of three techniques to remove wax and dry skin lodged within the ear canal.

Microsuction – a narrow metal wand connected to a suction machine to gently “hoover” wax and dry skin from the ear canal.

Instrumentation – a selection of fine tools to remove wax whilst visualising with the endoscope.

Irrigation – most similar to traditional ear syringing, but using modern adapters which do not directly aim a jet of water, therefore avoiding the risk of causing perforations of the eardrum.

I have really enjoyed adding something new to my skill set and find its impact on my ear patients extremely rewarding, even if it is only to reassure people that their earwax is not a problem and can point people in the direction of other services.

On other days, I am a musician playing the sousaphone and bass guitar with local bands – The Skiband, Red Hippo and Outside the Box. I also lecture at Huddersfield University on their Minor Injuries course. I love cycling though if I spent as much time actually riding the thing as I do on the internet looking at cycling stuff, then I would be as fit as a butchers dog!!- I need to sort that out!