Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

It started with my mum who had a serious life threatening illness and after 2 operations and treatment through the hospital she didn’t improve. The operations had not been successful so it was then we decided to try Traditional Chinese Medicine.

My mum is a very brave lady and believed the TCM treatments, after a few months she felt was getting better. Another time I was ill and was given the chance to take the TCM treatments and herbal remedies for myself and after I also understood that the TCM treatments are not only good for yourself but also good for other people.

I trained for 6 years and got my degree from the TCM University in China, from there I worked in the hospital for ten years where I gained valuable experience before coming to the UK in 2004 to work for a Chinese company as a TCM doctor, here I have worked in London, York, Edinburgh, Leeds, Harrogate, Rochdale and Manchester, I now work for myself building my own reputation.

After having worked as a TCM doctor in the UK for the last 7 years I feel different than when I first started my training in China, every day I need to see how different conditions differ so much with different people and for me to help in a different country, different environment, different culture, different body, different reaction and different result Also a lot of people don’t understand TCM treatments which can make it difficult to trust what the treatment is and how it works, everytime I read a testimonial from a patient I feel very happy and enjoy my job, I do feel that to give the help to people you will also receive and share it.

I remember 15 yrs ago the teacher telling us: If you want to become a TCM doctor you need to empathise with the patient as if you have that same condition you will then try your best to help your patients so they can also believe, trust and receive the benefits from the TCM treatments.

I do believe the treatment works because of feedback, testimonials and referrals as behind me I have the ancient people of China with over 4000 years of history. I do believe that when civilisation receive the benefits of TCM treatments I also receive the trust and happiness from the people.

I do believe the energy comes from feeling and believing the treatments which not only come through my hands and from my working experience but it is from my heart which I feel to be very very important.