Nutritional Therapist

Sally-Anne Wilkinson has always loved working with people and supporting them to improve their lives. Previously she worked as a primary school teacher and as a Citizen’s Advice Bureau adviser. She feels the experience she gained from working with so many different ages, personalities, and personal circumstances has developed strong empathetic qualities which helps her when investigating potential root causes of people’s health issues.

Her interest in nutrition began after giving birth to her second daughter, who was born with a chromosomal disorder (Pallister-Killian Syndrome) and a raft of health issues that increased with her age (nervous tics, anxiety, aggressive outbursts, throat swelling, stomach pain, restless legs, and hidradenitis suppurativa – extremely painful, chronic abscesses). Sally-Anne trained to become a nutritional therapist after easing or eliminating these symptoms by researching dietary and lifestyle measures, and later, employing the help of a nutritional therapist. She also improved many of her own symptoms which were connected with the worries of having a child with chronic ill-health (food cravings, fatigue, constant colds, allergies and food intolerances, digestive issues, joint pain and weight gain). She is passionate about the therapeutic potential of good food and lifestyle, and wants to pass her knowledge on to others.

Sally-Anne is aware many people are confused by the contradictory evidence surrounding healthy diet and uses her previous experience to help research and simplify nutritional science into easy-to-understand nutritional plans. Her approach is to help people change their eating habits in a way that suits their preferences, personality and lifestyle, and to eat in a way that satisfies them whilst maintaining a healthy diet in an increasingly unhealthy world. She offers support to individuals with common health complaints (for instance, anxiety, weight gain, migraines, fatigue, joint pain, digestive issues, skin issues, allergies, etc) as well as aiding those with chronic or autoimmune conditions. She is also interested in children’s health, and anyone looking to optimise the nutritional balance of their vegetarian or vegan diets.

When I visited Sally for the first time I was not in a good place at all. Having been recently diagnosed with Osteoporosis and generally not feeling in good health and being told by my GP that I needed to take some medication with some potential nasty side effects I knew there had to be another way. I saw a post from Sally on Facebook and was immediately intrigued so I visited her website for more information and after reading the testimonials I booked a consultation. I wasn’t sure what to expect but Sally was the consummate professional and generally very interested in my symptoms and how I was feeling generally which was so nice as I just was not getting that level of support from my GP.
We discussed lots of things and worked out a plan going forward by changing my diet and incorporating other wellbeing measures. At the beginning the progress was at fairly slow pace but I was starting to notice that I was starting to feel better in myself. By my next follow up session we discussed this progress and decided on the next steps. It was during this second period that I began to notice some big changes, my energy levels increased, my moods seemed to dramatically reduce and my mental clarity was much improved.
I also noticed a big improvement and almost complete reduction of my joint and muscle pain and my chronic daily headaches were starting to be less frequent too. I am so happy and thankful of the day I met Sally, who knew you could feel so much better by simply changing your diet. I have been working with Sally for nearly six months now and cant fault her knowledge and commitment. All in all first class service. If you are struggling with any health issues and looking for another way to get better, make an appointment with Sally, you will be glad you did.

Gillian Lennon

Sally Anne Wilkinson - Nutritionalist

Sally really knows her stuff when it comes to nutrition, she’s also a lovely person and makes you feel comfortable with her very quickly whilst providing her professional support and guidance to the highest standard. She really did help me implement positive changes in my life and I would wholeheartedly recommend Sally and True To Your Health.”

Crystal Star

Sally Anne Wilkinson - Nutritionalist

I came to Sally with multiple complex issues. I was looking to fine tune my diet and also for guidance on which supplements may improve my fatigue and digestion. I had realistic expectations about what may be achieved in the short term, however, I am pleased to report that I have seen positive effects rather quickly from some simple changes.The most notable differences for me have been the positive effects of cutting out caffeine on hormonal issues and anxiety, whilst further cutting down on sugar and increasing my intake of leafy greens has improved my overall feeling of wellbeing.

The supplements Sally recommended are also starting to make some inroads with my fatigue and I am hopeful that the same will be true of the ones for my digestion. Sally is so warm and friendly which makes talking openly much easier, allowing you to really get to the crux of an issue. Her contact in between appointments was really appreciated as queries can pop up as you try new things and Sally was there to listen and offer different ways around any issues.
I feel more in control of my conditions now and will be continuing to work with Sally over the longer term in order to maintain the gains I have made as well as to
explore more positive actions I can take for my health.

ADF West Yorkshire

Sally Anne Wilkinson - Nutritionalist