Homeworking doesn’t need to be a pain in the neck!

By Lynne Midwinter MCSP, Chartered Physiotherapist

With many employees being advised to work form home, this article is more timely than ever – read the advice below from  Physio & Therapies and remember they are available for Skype, Facetime and telephone consultations as well as hands on Physio sessions from their base in Todmorden for the moment! Call their team on 01706 819464 to find out more.

    1. Set up a workspace – while it’s tempting to sit on the sofa, wherever possible identify a suitable table to work from, whether that’s the kitchen table or even your dressing table, as using something at the right height is essential to prevent neck and shoulder pain.
    2. Stand when possible – if you’re on the phone get up from your chair and pace – movement is your friend so avoid sitting for too long, setting alarms on your phone so you move at least once an hour really helps.
    3. Raise your laptop – pop it up on some books or a box so your screen height is right and then use a separate keyboard and mouse (you can buy a wireless set for under £20 online and you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes!)
    4. Create a standing desk – put your laptop on a windowsill for an hour or find another higher surface in your home to work from for periods of time, your back will thank you!
    5. Take breaks – it’s easy to get caught up in your work and there are less disruptions at home, so put alarms on your phone to remind you to get up, stretch and walk to the kitchen for a glass of water.
    6. Use your phone speaker – with less background noise at home you won’t need to cradle your phone to your ear – leave it on the desk so you’re hands free!
    7. Make a supportive chair – most kitchen chairs are not designed for prolonged sitting – try rolling up a jumper to create a lumbar roll to support your low back and use a proper office chair wherever possible.
    8. Have a lunch break and go for a walk – staying inside isn’t good for you! You’ll be more productive in the afternoon for a break and your body will be glad of the movement!

We are covered by BUPA and all other major Healthcare providers and in the current situation you can have a virtual consultation that is still covered by your Health insurance.



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