Come and join me for a one day immersion into the wonderful world of Homeopathy. Not sure what it is? How do you use it? How often do you take the remedies? Are they safe? All these themes will be explored during the day ensuring that you will go home a more confident prescriber, able to treat minor acute health problems.

Using it myself in a first-aid situation was how I discovered Homeopathy and experienced first hand its efficient and gentle capacity to restore health.

Lets go back to April 2012….I had landed a job cheffing on a yoga retreat in Greece for 3 weeks over Easter. Sounds great doesn’t it? And it was, but it was REALLY hard work. Cooking for 40 people everyday and evening is a difficult task, coupled with the Mediterranean heat it meant I wasn’t getting enough sleep and not enough sleep plus hard work takes its toll on the body.

When I returned home I was exhausted and felt pretty miserable. When I swallowed it felt like I was swallowing shards of glass, it was difficult to talk and when I looked in the mirror at my throat I could see my tonsils were covered in white ulcers. Oh no, here’s the tonsillitis again, I thought. I’ve suffered from bouts of tonsillitis over the years and know first hand how this acute illness affects me. I resigned myself to spending a week in bed, unable to talk until the illness had run its course. My partner, concerned at how weakened I appeared tried to make an appointment at the local GP practice, there was a wait of over 10 days….I’ll be better by then I thought. With a long interest in alternative medicine and healing the body naturally I took a look at Neal’s Yard website, as one of their shops was only a short distance away in the City centre of Manchester. Homeopathy was not something I had ever used before, it was on my radar but I hadn’t had a direct experience of it. I had however, listened to an in-depth discussion about it when working at the yoga retreat, so when it popped up on the website as a way with which to treat acute conditions holistically I took a closer look.

By the end of the day I had paid a visit to Neal’s yard and invested in a Homeopathic first-aid remedy kit and a book.

To be completely honest it baffled me and I struggled to make sense of which remedy I might need.

I was looking for the ONE REMEDY that would treat my tonsillitis but this isn’t how Homeopathy works. I figured out I needed to choose a couple of symptoms that characterised how I was experiencing it. I can’t remember which remedy I gave myself but I took one of the small pillules and promptly fell asleep. The following morning my throat appeared less angry, it felt a little less like I was swallowing broken glass and I felt a bit more like my old self. I had another dose and then another later that evening.

The following day my appetite had returned, I wasn’t confined to bed as I had assumed I would be and my throat had definitely begun to clear.

Hmmm, this is most peculiar I mused….I wasn’t expecting such a speedy recovery. By the following day I was around 80% better.

My partner commented upon how fast I seemed to recover and I agreed.

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