Hello and welcome to the first article about hypnotherapy and the benefits it can bring. I will be posting a new article every two weeks or so covering different aspects.

Today’s post is a general introduction to introduce the reader to therapeutic hypnotherapy and a FAQ section providing answers to the most frequently asked questions from clients who are considering hypnotherapy to help them bring about permanent change in their lives. The branch in which I’m trained is known as ‘Creative Hypnotherapy’.

Generally speaking, Creative Hypnotherapy is a proven modern approach to hypnotherapy, which is client led and which makes great use of metaphor during the client’s inner journey, as opposed to more traditional modes which make use of scripts and are therapist led.

As your therapist, through an ongoing dialogue, I will help to guide you through your own inner journey, enabling you to change, to break free of lifelong debilitating habits and behaviours that are no longer serving a useful purpose.

The journey begins with a consultation to help identify the areas to be addressed followed by one hour sessions. The number of sessions required to bring about permanent change can vary greatly; sometimes this can be achieved in as few as three sessions.
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