Parkinson’s is a life-long condition, so self management is important.

Self-management means that you take responsibility, to the best of your ability, for dealing with the issues Parkinson’s creates. Your self-management should include your medication intake, nutrition, speech, mood and sleep. Your neurologist or Parkinson’s disease nurse specialist will be able to tell you more about these, and refer you on to the appropriate healthcare professional when needed.

Try to decide on your own priorities and organise a balanced programme with the support of professionals with Parkinson’s-specific expertise. You may need to see different experts as time goes on. Physiotherapists’ role is to keep you moving safely and independently, and to help you to keep your body in as good a working condition as possible. However, what you can do for yourself is: Exercise regularly!
Recognise the time when you may need to visit a physiotherapist.

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