As we head through January all those good intentions from the New Year are heading down the drain and our willpower is at a low ebb.  But help is at hand …. The team at Physio & Therapies are sure to have something to help you keep to your resolutions!


Each year millions of people resolve to lose weight, stop smoking, eat more healthily or reduce their stress levels.  Psychologists have researched why we fail and the main reasons are that we don’t get enough support and that we don’t break the tasks into achievable goals.  At Physio & Therapies we have identified the most popular New Years Resolutions and worked out how we can help support and motivate you … so all you need to do is read on!

I want to stop smoking .…..  well although it sounds unlikely Hypnotherapy has a great track record in helping people who want to give up smoking.  Our Hypnotherapist, Michael Gill, has worked with many smokers and says ”Therapeutic Hypnosis is used as a safe and non invasive way of giving up smoking.  Feedback and referrals from my clients who have not returned to smoking after using my programme provides solid evidence that this method really works. Many of these people had already tried other approaches without success.  It’s time now to make a positive and permanent change to your lifestyle and stop smoking for life.”  Sessions with Michael cost £50 for up to two hours. The number of sessions required to give up smoking for good varies per individual, usually between 2 and six.



I want a new career/set up my own business ……this is an area where our Counsellor and Life Coach, Steve Axell, comes into his own.  He will help you to decide which direction you would like to go in and then work with you to set realistic goals towards achieving your ambitions!  Steve has worked with many clients who have decided that they need to make one or more life changing decisions. For many people that change is centred on their working lives. “Coaching helps my clients to become clear about which direction they really want to go in, whether that involves a completely new start or simply a change in their working environment” he says adding “Doing a job that you enjoy or running your own business can also result in positive changes elsewhere in peoples’ lives”. The coaching sessions are both enlightening and motivational and Steve can help you to make permanent changes quickly.


I want to reduce my stress levels…. Here there are many therapies which can help you depending on your personal preference.  Both Hypnotherapy and Counselling have great results in helping you identify and deal with long term stressors and can help you to deal with them more effectively.  If hands-on relaxation is more your thing then Massage, Reflexology and Reiki all have very positive effects on your bodies ability to deal with stress.


I want to get fit …… often the problem is that you don’t know where to start!  Our Personal Trainer, Siobhan Doherty, will work with you to design a programme that fits your lifestyle and will work with you to gradually and safely increase your fitness levels.  If the problem is that your good intentions have already been affected by an injury don’t worry – we have a Chartered Physiotherapist here 6 days a week to treat those aching joints and muscles and get you back on track!


I want to lose weight ….. we all now know that diets are a bad idea – what you need to do is change your eating habits for good and get more exercise!  Easier said than done – but with the help of our Personal Trainer  you will soon know what you can and can’t eat and she will design a gentle programme to get you back into exercise and  if you need help to motivate you to stick to it Hypnotherapy can help!


I want to move more easily and without pain ….. this is where Physiotherapy really can help – Physios are the experts in normal movement and will work with you to get the joints, muscles and nerves moving and teach you how you can strengthen your body to support you better.  Often we also suggest some sessions of Alexander Technique or Trager to change your faulty movement habits for good.


Now we have pointed you in the right direction please visit our website for more information or call our reception team on 01706 819464 who will be happy to answer you questions and book appointments for you!  If you have read this and feel smug because you are still on track with your New Years Resolutions then well done – but don’t forget that giving yourself a treat is a great motivator for keeping going with your good intentions so why not book in for a relaxing aromatherapy massage as a reward for all your hard work!!

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