Kate Herbert BSc (hons), PGCE, Dip Vib Med


A biology lecturer for many years, my degree in science has helped me assess the therapies I use in a rational way.  Seeing evidence of how they help people every day convinces me that they work. I have good knowledge of anatomy and physiology, including the chakras and meridians and conventional western medicine.

Working as a complementary health therapist since my first Reiki training 10 years ago, I got interested in complementary therapies.  Later on, learning Vibrational Medicine in Scotland from a trained medical doctor and scientists helped me integrate the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual parts of myself to have optimal health, vitality and joy in life.


This is what I enjoy supporting others to achieve too.


Good health is based on the principle that all living beings have a unique vibrational frequency or signature.  When this frequency is out of balance then a dis-eased state arise.   Even the common cold or backache is a result of this imbalance.


The body does not speak, but it can be very explicit.  It tells us by way of a symptom that something is wrong.  It will develop for example, a painful knee.  As a medical doctor we would focus on the knee; the inner or outer aspects of the joint, the intactness of the cartilage, or amount of inflammation in the joint fluid.  Then, if the joint is not worn enough to operate and remove the joint, we would recommend something for pain, and something else for inflammation until it is worn enough to replace it.


As a vibrational healer, we would say “What is wrong with the body as a whole for the pain to be expressed in the knee?  Looked at from this perspective, the knee pain is the body’s ‘voice’, and we have to find out what blocks the body in the whole chain of events that procures a perfectly functioning knee;  the knee itself might be the last organ we would treat, in this whole chain of events.


So the cause is treated, not the symptom itself.  The root cause of the problem is identified, when it occurred and where in the body the cause resides as a negative energy vibration.  For example the cause may be a chemical toxin, pathogen or a trauma.


The practitioner may recommend lifestyle and nutritional changes (e.g. foods, cosmetics, perfumes, clothing, medications, shampoos, detergents or exercise) if your lifestyle is contributing to ill health.


You will be given an individual Vibrational Essence to put on the body to allow it to heal itself.  All remedies come from nature.


Usually you will feel immediate benefit through improved mood and the physical symptoms improve within 2-3 weeks.  Optimal time for treatments is generally about every 3 weeks unless the problem is particularly acute.


Practitioners are highly-trained with in-depth knowledge of medicine, anatomy and physiology, the meridians and the chakras.  We are also trained at working with people at a very deep level.


This treatment is for you if:

  • the medical profession have given up on you, due to chronic, complex or acute ill health
  • you would rather maximise your own health with natural safe treatments than go to a doctor
  • you prefer to maintain good health, before allowing disease to precipitate in your body
  • you are just feeling “out of sorts” and know, with help and maybe a few adjustments to your lifestyle, you could feel better, but your symptoms are too subtle to register as a problem with your GP

If you would like to discuss your health concerns and how they can be improved please call for a chat.  I look forward to welcoming you and working with you to bring the zing back into your life.


Kate works at Physio & Therapies in Todmorden and offers Esalen Massage and Reiki as well as Vibrational Medicine.  You can book an appointment with her by calling us on 01706 819464.

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