Summer is upon us….well kind of if you don’t include the weather!

Holidays, day trips, sunbathing, swimming, picnics and other such Summer fun!

It’s a fantastic time of year for all the family to enjoy, but for some it can involve the misery of painful acute health issues that go hand-in-hand with Summer fun.

Our beautiful British countryside is in full bloom, glorious colours and sweet smelling scents from the diverse wild flowers and crops growing in the surrounding farmlands.  As beautiful as this riot of colour looks, it also attracts a host of much needed pollinators….bees, wasps, horse-fly’s and the like.

Summer fun can come to an abrupt halt for a short while if you or the kids receive an unpleasant sting or bite from our ‘flying friends’.

Swelling, itching and pain often go hand in hand with an insect bite/sting and can cause much discomfort.

Homeopathy offers a gentle and natural approach to health and wellbeing, and can be used to bring relief following bites and stings.


Long walking jaunts in the hills and valley can lead to aching legs and if you’re not careful you might take a tumble.  Homeopathic remedies can relieve sore and tired limbs and some offer relief from the swelling that a fall can induce.


Loading the car for a Great British camping trip packed with buckets and spades for fun on the beach have children giggling with delight and anticipation, shouts of “Are we nearly there yet?”, can have parents rolling their eyes particularly when only at the end of the street.  Patience and a fully stocked repertoire of car games and colouring books can alleviate frustration but if car sickness strikes, a happy journey can become utterly miserable for all concerned.

Natural, gentle and non-toxic Homeopathic remedies can come in handy in these circumstances.

So what is it?

Homeopathy was born in Germany over 200 years ago by a Physician called Samuel Hahnemann.

It is a complete and natural system of medicine that uses remedies to promote the bodies own healing ability.  The remedies are mainly made using animal, plant and mineral substances, things found in our natural environment.

They are safe, non-invasive and are suitable for anybody of any age to use.

Often Homeopathy is used alongside conventional forms of treatment as it doesn’t interfere with any medication you are already using from your Doctor.


Homeopathy is holistic.  What does this mean?  Holistic medicine takes into account you as a person, which includes your personality, likes and dislikes and your responses to your surroundings.  This means that during a consultation with a Homeopath you are asked ‘unusual’ questions, this is to enable the Homeopath to build up a full picture of who you are and not just focus on your symptoms.

From here, a remedy is selected from over 2000 possible choices.  This makes Homeopathy purely individualistic and promotes an internal response so you can heal yourself from the inside out.


Kim will be giving a free talk at the Physio & Therapy centre in September on the benefits of Homeopathy.  Contact reception for details and appointments on 01706 819464.


Kim Irwin RSHom

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